Microsoft Edge browser will come with Dolby Audio support

Microsoft Edge is the faster, more streamlined and next generation browser and today it has witnessed another feature added to its build. Microsoft introducing Edge as the successor to its own scrapped Internet Explorer and it is the first Microsoft browser to come with Dolby audio support.



Dolby Digital Plus is the Dolby’s next generation audio technology which brings you the home theater surround experience with the formats like Blu-ray disc and devices which play the downloadable movie content features. Dolby audio support offers the best audio experience more fascinating than what is possible from the standard definition DVDs.

Microsoft Officials has written in the blog post that,

We added Dolby Audio to Microsoft Edge so that web apps and sites can deliver the richest and most compelling media experiences with Windows 10. In particular, we wanted Microsoft Edge to support the most demanding requirements from media websites. Supporting Dolby Audio fits with this goal.

As the Windows 10 supports Dolby Digital Plus Portable Mode users to get the dynamic range control setting which is optimized for playback through the built-in speakers and headphones. This built-in capability is designed to play back the sound louder and with high definition with the dynamic range and more appropriate for portable devices. Dolby audio will be compatible with the current DASH(MP4) and HLS(M2TS) file formats and they can be included with progressive download HTML5 content and adaptive streaming HLS or MSE/EME MP4 content.

Previously, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft’s virtual assistant called Cortana and now with the introduction of Dolby Audio support Microsoft is gearing up for the big challenges with the new browser.

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