How to install Windows 10 apps to an external drive

Are you used to install the apps inside the Windows installation drive, then lately you will find a fact that we see more devices with the limited local storage. But things started to change in Windows Phone 8 when the Microsoft has introduced a feature to let the users to install the Windows Store apps directly on the external memory card on your Windows Phone. Now both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 desktop also comes with the same feature. Follow the below procedure to save the app to a new location.

How to install Windows 10 apps to an external drive

Microsoft has added the New apps will save to option in the Storage Save locations location in the Windows 10 system in the Settings app. You will notice a drop down in the New apps will save to option with the locations that are available and here you can save the newly installed apps and choose one storage drive and you are good to go.


This is option doesn’t mean that this feature not only limited to the external SD card on your Windows Phone, but also to the external USB Drive also. However, you cannot use the mapped network drives to install the Windows Store apps and you can always use the one drive at a time. This feature doesn’t need you to format the drive, so you can use this personal drive safely with the data already on it.

If you change the settings to install the new apps into any secondary location, Windows 10 will create the three new folders. First folder will contain your profile name, then there is Windows apps, which is where apps will be installed and finally you will find WpSystem folder which is where all the related app data will be saved. Remember that the personal files will be stored in your profile folder will not be encrypted by this feature.

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