Firmware update for Microsoft Band released

Microsoft is busy in releasing updates for its hardware and software products. Yesterday, the company has released a firmware update to their Microsoft band which bumped the device version to 10.2.2823.0 This update brings general bug fixes and improvements. Microsoft spoke for a simple maintenance update too.


The latest firmware update will be delivered to the Microsoft Band through the Microsoft Health app which can be downloaded to Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. This update brings no new features, but includes lot of bug fixes. Microsoft has released the last firmware update in April and targeted more specific improvements and fixes. June update looks like to be more general fixes and improvements without any indication of where the users can notice the change.

You can receive the update through the Microsoft Health app which needs to be up to date in order for band to receive the update.Once after installing the update to the Microsoft Health app on your Windows Phone just open the app and you will be asked to update your band as well once they began their normal sync routine.

When you click on the OK button in the app and your band will connect and begin the update process and your band will restart during the process. After updating your Band will restart last time and tap on the Next button will take back you to the app.

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