How to delete fonts in Windows using registry

You will use computer to read huge amount of texts daily and font of the text will never be a problem. But when sometime if you navigate to the site like Da Font and 1001 free fonts, you may download few attractive fonts to see them how they appear on your PC. After installing few fonts you might encounter some error messages as you delete a font for family of fonts.

Windows doesn’t track on which application the font is being used and so it can be hard to try and delete those potential suspects. This can be done by using the Windows registry and let us see here how to do it.

How to delete fonts in Windows using registry

  • First launch RUN bar on windows by pressing WIN+R keys together.
  • Now type regedit in the RUN bar and hit Enter. If this prompts UAC, then confirm that you want to access the Registry editor.
  • Enter the following key in the registry editor.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionFonts
  • This will bring down the navigational tree in the left pane.
  • When you are this point then you are able to view all the fonts that are installed on your system. Most of the fonts here will work standard with Windows 7 or 8. Before deleting them you can check them by double clicking on them.
  • Select the font which you would like to remove and right click on it and from the options click on Delete option and this will delete the font from your computer. Your system doesn’t show any error but will delete the font as requested.

This tweaking process uses the Windows internal registry it will ask you to restart the computer for the changes to take place. To test whether the font is deleted or not, you can do it by opening Microsoft Word and check from the list of fonts. If you have written any word document in this font, then that file will appear in Times New Roman font. You just change the font to some other font the problem will be solved.

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