Dedicated 3.5mm audio jack is introduced to Xbox One controller

Microsoft is updating and making changes to all its existing products and today it has welcomed a changed to the Xbox One controller. This change is expected to come with the updated versions, which includes all the Xbox One controllers which made after June 2015. The new change is that Xbox One will come with a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack. The details about this port is already listed on the Xbox support site.



In the above shown figure number 16 port is the 3.5mm port which is used to connect the compatible 3.5mm audio devices. While the Sony’s DualShock controller for the PlayStation gaming console lets the users to connect their audio gear though the 3.5mm jack. So the Xbox One users has to resort to purchasing the stereo headset adapter to hook up their headsets, which incurs an additional expense of $24.99. By including the 3.5 mm audio jack into the Xbox One controller, Microsoft is fixing the major pain point with the controller.

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