How to boot to Advance Startup Options in Windows 10

Windows 10 is full of customization over the previous versions. One of the customization which took place in Windows 8 was the boot options. Microsoft tried making boot faster and removed many supporting components like advance startup options from the booting process.

Advance Startup options can be quite handy at times, giving you a bunch of options to boot with an external drive or into the safe mode.

Windows 10 offers a pretty quick and easy way of booting into Advance Startup Options. To do the same, go to Start menu and click on power option. Now, press Shift key and without releasing it, click on Restart.

Windows 10 start button

The computer will now restart in Advance Startup mode.

There is another way to boot into Advance Startup mode in Windows 10. Just navigate to Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Advance Startup -> Restart Now.

Security Options windows 10

These were the 2 ways which will help you boot into advance startup mode if there’s a need.

I hope this post was useful, let me know if there’s any query you have and I will try my best to solve that for you.

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